Avoid the 5 o'clock rush, the whines of "I'm hungry!" and the age-old question: "What's for dinner?"

At Tradishen, you'll find only high quality, well tested, 100% real food recipes, including quick and budget-friendly options. Use them to create your own meal plans and grocery lists, and access it from your mobile phone on the go! For extra busy families or those new to real food, you'll even find designer meal plans, emailed to you with everything you need (except the actual food!).

Tradishen is a one-stop-shop for saving time and money on truly real food. Feed your family better, and start a new family Tradishen.

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 Have questions about Tradishen? Check here for answers, and email kate@modernalternativemama.com if you have additional questions.
  • What does Tradishen mean?

    Tradishen is a made up word, derived from "traditional" and "freshen." We wanted something that was unique, something that related to traditional foods, and something that said 'fresh.' We played with word combinations until we found a word we liked!

  • What is "real food?"

    There are lots of sites out there, and one thing that sets us apart is our focus on real food. Real food means unprocessed, as close to the way it was grown or raised as possible. Real food includes fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, whole grains, etc. It does not include pre-made items like mixes or boxed meals. You won't any "short cut" or "cheater" meals on our site! But you'll still find easy and budget-friendly real food options.

  • When will Tradishen launch?

    The goal is the beginning of May 2014. We're working with a professional design firm to ensure that Tradishen is top of the line, and we won't launch until we're sure it's ready. As we get closer to launch, we'll announce a firm date. This will happen sometime in early August.

  • How much will Tradishen cost?

    The recipes and other basic functions on Tradishe will be free. There will also be three different levels of premium access. We haven't yet determined what the fees will be for these, but there will be monthly, six-month, and 12-month plans available.

  • Why should I choose Tradishen over the many other recipe and meal planning sites out there?

    There are a lot of other recipe and meal planning sites out there, true. What sets us apart is that we are 100% real food, and we offer excellent search functions, the ability to create your own meal plans and grocery lists, and designer meal plans, plus videos and articles teaching basic cooking how-to and more. We're the only site out there that does all of these things. Many do "some" of them; we do it all! Save time and money by choosing us.

  • What will you do with my email address? Will you share it?

    Your email address will remain private -- we do not sell or share it. We will use your email to send you special offers and announcements about Tradishen, like when it will go live, coupons, new features, etc.

  • Who is behind Tradishen?

    Tradishen is a project that is brought to you by the Modern Alternative Mama Team. We have a reputation as a top notch real food recipe source. Tradishen was a natural extension of what we had built!